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Hexagon PPM® CADWorx ® Plant Professional

Editions: CADWorx Plant Professional

Hexagon PPM CADWorx Plant Professional includes the most complete range of tools for efficient plant design. The solution is easy to learn and has helped thousands of corporations create revenue-earning deliverables quicker and more accurately.

Hexagon PPM® CADWorx® P&ID and P&ID Professional

Editions: CADWorx P&ID Professional and CADWorx P&ID

Hexagon PPM CADWorx P&ID has everything needed for the easy  creation of intelligent process diagrams. CADWorx P&ID unlocks the power of P&ID’s by making diagrams, and the information locked within them, available to all stakeholders.

Hexagon PPM® CADWorx® I&E

Editions: CADWorx I&E and I&E Professional

Hexagon PPM CADWorx I&E includes the most complete tools for efficient instrument and electrical design. It is easy to learn and has helped hundreds of companies create revenue-earning deliverables more quickly and accurately.

Hexagon PPM® CADWorx® Design Review

Editions: CADWorx Design Review, CADWorx Design Create and Design Viewer

Hexagon PPM CADWorx Design Review allows the review of plant models by designers, managers, owners and other stakeholders. With CADWorx Design Review, everyone shares in the benefits of design collaboration.

Hexagon PPM® CADWorx ® DraftPro™

CADWorx DraftPro is a FREE, intelligent AutoCAD®-based 2D plant design and layout solution that is easy to learn and use.

CADWorx DraftPro, uses the same piping specifications as CADWorx Plant Professional, and even works with multiple versions of AutoCAD. It is 100% free. Download today!

Hexagon PPM® PV Fabricator®

Hexagon PPM PV Fabricator has advanced tools for the accurate and speedy production of pressure vessel fabrication deliverables. When linked to Hexagon PPM PV Elite™, PV Fabricator greatly improves the workflow between engineer and designer to increase productivity and reduce the re-work and errors that cause costly overruns and penalties. By producing drawings quickly and more accurately firms can increase throughput and customer satisfaction, thereby winning repeat business.

OrthoGen ® for CADWorx® Plant Professional

OrthoGen for CADWorx Plant Professional enables 2D plans, sections and elevations drawings to be created automatically from CADWorx Plant Professional 3D models. Even in today’s 3D world annotated and dimensioned orthographic drawings are still a required deliverable – OrthoGen reduces this process from hours to only minutes.

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